Affordable Speech Pathology in Perth

Speech pathology is practiced by the expert clinician known as a speech-language pathologist. Speech-language pathologists specialize in the diagnosis, evaluation, treatment of speech-language disorders, voice disorders, cognitive-communication disorders, and swallowing disorders.

There is a common misconception that speech pathology is restricted to adjusting a speaker’s speech sound articulation to help him in the normal pronunciation. They also help those who stutter to speak fluently. Speech pathology deals with a broad scope of language, speech, other voice issues, and swallowing.

Speech-language pathologists give treatment to the people of all ages, starting from babies to adults. Speech Pathology stands for various therapies to toddlers and infants, who suffer from delays or disabilities.

Viva Speech Pathology clinic specializes in offering personalised care and therapy to all, who visit there for help. We feel pride in our high professionalism, expertise, extraordinary services, courtesy, and respect for your families and situations, which helps you in developing confident communication for life.

We are renowned for giving care and special attention to your child and family to deliver the best results of our treatment procedure. We provide various types of therapy sessions on the basis of client’s age, the level of their communication issue, and also on the basis of their suitability.

Our treatment strategy consists of an extensive range of timeslots and service delivery models including home, clinic-based, school sessions, and daycare. Our main objective is to thoroughly assess each case to give the evidence-based treatment. This helps in achieving the desired results for every individual patient.